Game pieces in their starting positions. Note: This is not the final design of the game pieces.

Playing surface being twisted.

Part of the playing surface being pushed or slid. The game pieces have been removed for clarity.

Untitled Pyramid Game

Status: Testing

Just because there are many fine electronic game systems on the market does not mean that "board" games have to pass into obscurity. On the contrary, there has to be something to fall back upon when the power goes out or the batteries die. Something like that was the motivation for creating the "Untitled Pyramid Game" (name suggestions welcome). It is an entirely battery-free, mechanical strategy game that is unlike conventional board games due to its extra dimensionality. Not only do the players compete against each other, but they have the ability to move the playing surface itself. In addition, the players' opponents pieces are hidden from view which adds to the strategic nature of gameplay.

The playing surface of the "Untitled Pyramid Game"

The playing surface and mechanisms were designed so that they could be made from a wide variety of materials and still function properly. The game pieces for the photos were ordinary glass beads. A final design for the pieces is still in progress. The exact rules of the game are likewise being finalized, but the objective is to have as many of one's pieces reach the top wihtout being removed from play by the opponent. Pieces are removed from play through interaction with the opponent's pieces or through manipulation of the playing surface. The playing surface can be pushed, twisted and "flipped" to affect gameplay and remove the opponent's pieces. The pictured prototype is fully functional.