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Applied Sciences Plant and Flower Archive

Archive FAQ

What is the purpose of the Plant and Flower Archive?

It is an online "field guide" that allows for easy identification of various plants without requiring specific botanical knowledge. The images are also available as stock photos for purchase.

What is a field guide?

A concise publication for the purpose of identifying plants, mammals, insects, fungi, etc. It is usually organised according to observations that can be made "in the field".

Does the archive include garden plants or just wildflowers?

Both garden plants and wildflowers are included as there is often quite a bit of overlap among the two.

Can I use these images on my website or in my own works?

The images on this website are under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license (unless otherwise noted). They may be displayed and redistributed in their unaltered form as long as credit is given to Applied Sciences, but they may not be used in derivative works i.e. websites, books, brochures, graphic designs, etc. Stock images that you purchase are subject to a different license which you can read about here.

What if I see an error in the Flower Archive?

We welcome corrections to the archive. Science is advanced through the continual refinement of theories and observations. Please use our Contact form to let us know of any corrections.

How about including information on range, edibility, propagation, etc.?

At present, the sole focus of this project is identification of specimens.

Who provides the photos used in the archive?

All photos were commissioned by and are property of Applied Sciences.

Image FAQ

Can I buy the photos featured in the archive?

Yes, Applied Sciences uses a custom stock license that allows for personal and commercial use. Also, we license them at reasonable prices!

What are stock images?

Stock images are images that are already photographed and organized so that they can be easily obtained and used by authors, graphic artists and other content creators. Most often, stock images are "licensed" for a fee that permits the use of the image by the licensee. This license does not preclude other content creators from licensing the same image for their own work, however. This process avoids the legal issues of stealing images from other websites/photographers and results in much higher quality images.

How does your stock image license differ from others?

The Applied Sciences Stock Image License allows for a great deal of freedom in the use of the stock. In addition, we charge a single, flat fee for our licensing rather than a fee based on distrbution quantities.

Do you sell prints?

Not currently, but we are open to special requests.

What is the resolution/image quality of your stock images?

The maximum resolution available is noted next to the image name. (9MP = 9 megapixels, 4MP = 4 megapixels, 3MP = 3 megapixels) We only license images at the maximum quality and all images at the same price.

In what file format is the stock delivered?

Losslessly compressed or uncompressed TIFF.

How will I receive the images I ordered?

Once payment is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail with a username, password and address to retrieve your images. Optionally, they can be sent directly to your e-mail address if you have sufficient capacity.

Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest by Turner Photographics

Wildflowers of Ontario by John Wright

What Tree Is It? courtesy of the Ohio Public Library Information Network and The Ohio Historical Society

Plantfinder courtesy of the Missouri Botanical Garden

PlantFiles courtesy of Dave's Garden